Secret of Cracking Consulting Interview

Consulting Interview

Secret of Cracking Consulting InterviewIn one of the world’s leading professional services firms, after 16 years in corporate recruitment, management consulting, I often am asked about the interview process and what is involved. Each consulting firm that education, background, and experience different aspects to consider, but more often than not, the gate candidates are interviewed before a resolution up to five times (or not made). Some companies conduct many interviews on the same day (or either one-to-one or panel style) or individual discussions, or even combine interviews with webcam interview phone conversation.Continue Reading

Secret of having a long resume for Job

Long Resume

Secret of having a long resume for JobWe reached out to hiring managers and recruiters and found similar input from everyone: are starting to collapse.
There are exceptions to the rule in question, (experienced candidates can not stay away again and started to government and education specific types), but when your resume is focused live under one page.

A brief resume highlighting the most valuable information and distractions, inflate, and bloated bullet points drop out will attract the attention of the reviewer. This means that a two-page resume will knock you out of contention? Probably not, but most of the hiring decision-makers will not read the whole thing – and if you do not get their attention until the middle of the first page, the rest does not matter. Even an overly long resume unfocused or uninformed as you can portray.Continue Reading

Secret of finding Startup Jobs

Startup Jobs

Secret of finding Startup JobsStartup world certainly seems attractive. Startup jobs typically dynamic work environment, contributing more opportunities and new experiences, better access to senior management, and even the chance to get in on the ground floor of something big to gain the offer. Of course, the startup jobs less stable, and more demanding job, playful handling of the founders, and the chance that your seemingly promising startup could flame out with the short notice may be drawbacks with.
However, if you are the type who values passion, and to enhance the ability to be an important part of the team, and the opportunity to work for a startup to be the right fit has been some really amazing.Continue Reading